E komo mai! (Welcome)… I Love To Serve You — How May I Help Today?


I am Jim, and I enjoy serving all kinds of people in many different ways.

I was born and raised in Hilo Hawaii, on the “East Side of the Big Island”.
I cannot express how much I loved growing up here — and I absolutely know I had some of the best values taught and demonstrated to me from wonderful parents.

For “high school” I attended Hawai Preparatory Academy (H.P.A.), again great memories of not only school but the wonderful area of Waimea.

Then for “college” I left Hawaii briefly and received a Bachelor of Arts degree and also a
Bachelor of Science degree from Ripon College in Wisconsin “smak dab” in the MidWest of the “Mainland” USA.

I came back as soon as my schooling was done to my home in Hawaii.

I’ve always been very compelled, I’ve been known to be very hard working.

I’ve gotten involved with many jobs and ventures, won some and lost some — certainly if you don’t try you can’t achieve, but there are always failures between accomplishments.

Most of years until very recently I was centered in the Kamuela or Waimea area of Hawaii.

I did a Travel Agency, which I still actually maintain in a smaller operation, have run a chain of local Dairy Queens, operated a Real Estate Franchise, and even at one time (many moons ago!) sold Cedar Homes!

I also have been in politics and spent a good chunk of my prime years invested in that career, but all of the time I’ve been helping people come over to make their homes and lives in Hawaii — real estate has been my mainstay.

I received my real estate salesman’s license in 1971 and then worked hard to achieve my State of Hawaii Broker’s license in 1973. I was planted and established before the BOOM, and I’ve seen trends go up and come back down, you could say I’ve been around!

I’ve been in real estate for over 42 years now!

My specialty in real estate is as the “buyer’s broker”. Most everyone who has not been under a rock knows, we have been in a “BUYER’S MARKET” for some years now and likely will for be in that trend for some years — so my word to you is it’s an absolutely GREAT time to buy.

Regarding Travel, and those related services..

I was written up as highly recommended by Pauline Frommer in Frommer’s Guide to the Big Island, and I am definitely still recommended by others and I’ve had the same repeat customers come back over and over to me for their travel needs.

I have access to very experienced staff who can obtain wholesale contract rates!

I regularly book airfares, rental cars, tours, arrange catering for big venues, place Hawaii Weddings, arrange for ocean fishing trips, excusions to our live volcano, fire dancing and luau shows, — you name it.

Besides my early days as a realtor and cedar home salesman, I have been involved in many other businesses on the Big Island of Hawaii (too numerous to mention) and even several in Thailand.

I keep busy these days with managing, advertising/promoting and keeping tenants or guests booked, then cleaning and maintaining properties for long term and shorter term vacation rentals for property owners. In more than one case I sold the property to the owners, they come back to me to manage it while they do other things and we maintain an excellent business relationship year after year!

Several things I believe in are:

  • Long term relationships (I’d rather keep your friendship than sacrifice it for profit);
  • Business contracts that are beneficial to both sides (where each party gets good terms);
  • And I also believe that our attitudes in life can make a big difference..
    My basic one line thought about how important attitudes are — one of my favorite sayings…:

    “The Cup is Always Half FULL!”


    I am extremely humble and thankful for all the great folks and MANY true “bruddahs” (friends) who’ve remained in touch with me over all the years.

    I am SO PROUD of ALL my great kids, out making their own destinies — and now making new generations as my great grandkids appear!

    Life has been fruitful and kind to me, I feel fortunate and blessed, and I love when I can “pay it forward” — to be able to reach out, share & actually help others with the experience I’ve earned and the knowledge I’ve gained.

    This web site and links (such as at the bottom of this page) to other pages on other sites of ours represent some of my current businesses and services.

    Please explore & enjoy — (as you may know a website is never finished, always a work in progress) and come back when you can to see how we change and develop.

    I’d love to hear from you personally — give me a call, shoot me an email —  to “Talk Story”!

    - Aloha and MAKE it a GREAT Day!